Christian Baker — Why I joined Hebbia

3 min readJan 23, 2024

Throughout my career, I have pursued innovation — whether it was integrating wallets into smartphones, empowering voice assistants to provide financial advice, enabling biometrics for payments or most recently, redefining corporate real estate.

And then, like many, I was captivated by ChatGPT when it debuted just over a year ago. The Large Language Model (LLM) demonstrated abilities I had previously thought were exclusive domains of human creativity. It distilled scattered notes into eloquent summaries, spun up elegant poetry, and simplified complex ideas with striking analogies.

Yet, despite the ensuing wave of well-deserved hype around AI, a significant business opportunity paired with a meaningful problem to solve eluded me.

That changed when I discovered Hebbia. The company was founded with the insight that the revolutionary transformer model — the “T” in ChatGPT and the bedrock of today’s LLMs — could be applied to the intricate challenge of unstructured data retrieval and analysis. Based in New York City, Hebbia is the fastest growing B2B AI startup in the industry.

“Hebbia is the fastest growing B2B AI startup in the industry”

The Opportunity

Hebbia understands that the business world’s top talent is not only intelligent but also meticulously disciplined and detail-oriented. These individuals are capable of absorbing and cataloging vast amounts of information for a shocking number of hours on end. Such knowledge work forms the foundation of high level positions in financial services.

However, it is in the reasoning, rather than merely the reading and recording, that their intellect truly shines. And as careers progress, there is typically a well-earned transition: less time spent on the latter, and more on the former.

Armed with proprietary technology and a sophisticated AI platform, Hebbia is profoundly reimagining this paradigm, reshaping industries such as private capital, asset management, banking, defense/government, insurance and law. The product empowers Hebbia’s customers to vastly expand their universe of information feasible for analysis while automating the routine and repetitive tasks that occupy their talented workforce.

Hebbia is reshaping industries such as private capital, asset management, banking, defense/government, insurance and law”

The Product

Hebbia offers a secure platform that allows users to upload and derive insights from any public or private unstructured document. The capabilities include:

  1. Broad, thematic analysis
  2. Deal due diligence & other workflow execution
  3. Internal knowledge management
  4. Complex document review

Users can extract analysis from various documents, such as investment memos, credit agreements, vendor contracts, expert transcripts, insurance policies, powerpoint presentations and many others. This process saves significant time and generates insights that may otherwise be unattainable.

Beyond the product, Hebbia boasts an impressive team of former bankers and investment professionals (the “Enterprise AI team”), who are experts in onboarding and maximizing value creation for customers. This team, coupled with Hebbia’s substantial experience in serving private capital and other financial services institutions over the years, offers an unparalleled competitive advantage.

The People

The Hebbia team is highly motivated and united by a shared mission: to reinvent the way we work. I’d like to extend special thanks to George Sivulka, our founder & CEO; Dave Morse, Chief Customer Officer; and team members Ken Sullivan, Max Martin, Lawrence Leeds, Charles Wagener, and Sergey Mann. We are based in a stunning SoHo office and take great pride in our collaborative, in-office culture. The rapid pace of progress made through in-person collaboration is palpable, and the atmosphere is dynamic and full of excitement. I am both thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to join such a talented group on a profoundly impactful mission. As we are actively seeking top-tier talent to keep pace with accelerating demand, I encourage those interested to reach out and learn more!

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