Dave Morse — Why I Joined Hebbia

3 min readOct 31, 2022

I am joining Hebbia to bring the magic of neural search to every knowledge worker.

Billions of people around the world pore over unstructured knowledge, spending up to 2 days per week searching for information.

Hebbia has built a generational technology — the first productionized neural search engine that gives people this time back.

I’ve had the unique pleasure of advising George and the founding team for the past year, seeing them through their first deals and more recently, their $30M Series A fundraise.

I am now privileged to join the team as Chief Customer Officer to deliver the potential of our technology to as many people as possible. Here is why what we are building is unique.

Our core tech is unparalleled.

The founding engineers at Hebbia, hailing from the labs at Stanford doing early work in semantic search, have built an entirely new kind of machine learning company. Hebbia’s search engine is 10x more accurate and easy to use for the questions that actually matter for work.

And they’ve done it with security and privacy by design. Our customers can upload millions of PDFs, doc files, spreadsheets, and more, and search over an encrypted expert search engine in minutes.

The tech speaks for itself, which makes my job easy. Check out this query, run across 100K+ earnings calls and SEC filings:

Hebbia works just as well over your messy private data, including charts, slides and other complex documents:

Existing search products simply can’t support these types of queries, but Hebbia shines –regardless of the size and diversity of documents.

Scaling in a uniquely product first manner

Our product-first approach is unique among ML companies.

Where I’ve seen many machine learning businesses turn to a services model to drive value, Hebbia has built an accessible and scalable enterprise product.

There is no lift to start using Hebbia. We’ve pre-index hundreds of millions of public sources. Users can begin searching immediately upon login. We provide off the shelf integrations to key external data sources. Private data upload is seamless and indexing is lightning fast.

Hebbia is leading the charge productionizing modern ML.

Customer needs motivate our work.

Our customers in financial services need Hebbia– their pain is real. Existing users gain an unfair competitive advantage– surfacing information others can’t even see.

Whether executing broad market research or targeted diligence, teams are passionate about the product and invested in its development. We, in turn, are obsessed with building something they love and share.

My focus on customers –not just sales — reflects this value.

The team is one of one.

George, our founder, blends technical brilliance with remarkable drive and empathy. The team, the tech, and the trajectory are what they are today because of his focus.

Swetha Revanur, Ammar Husain, and the engineering team at large approach sophisticated technical challenges with a rare clarity of thought and spirit.

Nick Clift, Andoni Tsougarakis, and Courtney Ryan bring incredible experience, grit, and intelligence to their business roles, driving to results while lifting up those around them.

This group is world class and they were reason enough for me to join.

I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter, and –of course– we’re hiring!

Come build alongside us.