Ken Sullivan — Why I joined Hebbia

2 min readOct 27, 2023

I’m excited to share that I’ve recently joined the dynamic team at Hebbia in Business Development, following the completion of my MBA at Harvard Business School.

At Hebbia, we’re spearheading a revolution in how humans acquire and process knowledge through AI. The team’s unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence are nothing short of inspirational. I’m eager to contribute to this transformative journey.

I am particularly excited to be the first hire to develop new defense customers for Hebbia. My diverse background in finance and Marine Corps Intelligence uniquely positions me for this task. Here at Hebbia, I see a seamless integration of my past experiences. I’m ready to harness my skills to bolster our finance clientele and broaden Hebbia’s footprint in the defense sector, starting with the execution of two US Air Force contracts through AFWERX.

Reflecting on my time in Marine Corps intelligence, Hebbia strikes me as the missing piece in our toolkit. We dedicated countless hours to poring over PowerPoint presentations and Intellipedia pages, trying to grasp the latest threat capabilities of ISIS forces in Iraq. Had Hebbia been overlaying our data, we could have simply asked, “How has ISIS employed drones for reconnaissance in Iraq?” This would have expedited our intelligence cycle, fueling our acquisition engine to procure the necessary counter-drone measures proactively, rather than reacting when drones appeared in our area of operations. My experience in the Marines has shown me the power and potential of a tool like Hebbia. I joined Hebbia to ensure that this tool reaches the hands of service members in the Department of Defense.

Hebbia is redefining the way unstructured data is analyzed, akin to how Excel revolutionized structured information analysis. We’re crafting an ‘Excel for text’ — a tool to extract, structure, and analyze complexity. Our goal is to become the interface through which large language models interact and reshape the world. If you’re sifting through intelligence PowerPoints, weapons manual PDFs, operational publications, and more, we’ve got the tool for you!

Hebbia was recently recognized as one of the Top 40 applications in AI. We’re on an upward trajectory and actively seeking new talent to join our rapidly expanding team. I’d be thrilled to connect with you all — be it friends from finance or defense — to discuss this exciting new phase.

I’m profoundly grateful for this opportunity and thrilled to join the journey with Hebbia’s talented team. My sincere thanks go to George Sivulka, David Morse, Swetha Revanur, Lainie Yallen, Henna Dattani, Andoni Tsougarakis, and Max Martin. Let’s keep building!